Evening Event: The Great Lakes Hyperloop

May 19, 2021

Location: Zoom

Join us for a conversation about the Great Lakes Hyperloop with:

  • Bob Dirgo, Head of the Great Lakes Hyperloop Consortium
  • Chuck Michael, Regulatory Advisor & U.S. Feasibility Studies Lead, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
  • Shelby Phillips, Head of Executive Staff & U.S. Public Affairs, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a developing transportation system that brings airplane speeds to the ground safely, efficiently and sustainably. Passenger and cargo capsules levitate above a track inside a tube using electromagnetic technology and a linear electric motor for propulsion.

By creating a low-pressure environment inside the tube using vacuum technology, surface fiction is considerably reduced, allowing for
not only faster speeds, but a safer, cleaner and quieter form of energy-efficient transport. Hyperloop will move passengers and goods between Cleveland, Chicago and Pittsburgh in minutes rather than hours.

Join us to learn more about this technology and the impact on the Great Lakes Region as it is planned.


7:00 pm


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  • Non-Members: $10

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