Leadership Award

This award seeks to recognize a community leader who has demonstrated the following:

  1. An organization leader who is or has been a CEO or chairman of a public, private, or nonprofit organization.
  2. Success as a leader in northeast Ohio measured by the impact that the leader’s activities will have on the future of northeast Ohio.
  3. Leadership in fulfilling the responsibilities of a successful organization to its employees, to the community and to society as measured by how these activities will impact the future of northeast Ohio.

Help your club identify and recognize Northeastern Ohio’s leaders. Nominate your choice as the outstanding chief executive for the 2022 HBS Club of NEO Leadership Award.

This award is presented annually at an event in the spring.


Leadership Award presented to John Morikis, Executive Chairman – The Sherwin-Williams Company

Past Recipients:

1959 A.S. Stambaugh
1960 Frederick C. Crawford
1961 Kent H. Smith
1962 Vernon Stouffer
1963 George Gund
1964 Ralph M. Besse
1965 George M. Humphrey
1966 Maurice Saltzman
1967 Wade N. Harris
1968 George S. Dively
1969 William C. Treuhaft
1970 Edward W. Sloan, Jr.
1971 John David Wright
1972 Francis A. Coy
1973 H. Stuart Harrison
1974 E. Mandell deWindt
1975 Charles E. Spahr
1976 Claude M. Blair
1977 Richard B. Tullis
1978 Herbert E. Strawbridge
1979 Richard T. Baker
1980 Larry R. Robinson
1981 M. Brock Weir
1982 Allen C. Holmes
1983 William S. Kiser
1984 Ruben F. Mettler
1985 Morton L. Mandel
1986 James M. Biggar
1987 Robert M. Ginn
1988 John G. Breen
1989 Albert B. Ratner
1990 Kevin O’Donnell
1991 James R. Stover
1992 Edward B. Brandon
1993 Stanley C. Gault
1994 David H. Hoag
1995 Thomas C. Sullivan
1996 Struchen/Heffern/Gillespie
1997 Martin D. Walker
1998 Farah M. Walters
1999 Peter B. Lewis
2000 Joseph T. Gorman
2001 Stephen R. Hardis
2002 A. Malachi Mixon, III
2003 David Daberko
2004 W.R. Timken, Jr.
2005 Sandy Cutler
2006 Frank Linsalata
2007 Toby Cosgrove
2008 James D. Ireland III
2009 Christopher Connor
2011 B. Charles Ames and William Jones
2012 Richard and Timothy Smucker
2013 Charles P. Bolton (MBA 1968)
2014 Alfred M. Rankin, Jr.
2015 Barbara R. Snyder
2016 The Gund Family
2017 David Gilbert
2018 Richard W. (Dick) Pogue