HBS-NEO Harvard Business School Club of Northeastern Ohio HBS-NEO

Community Partners

Community Partners connects Club members with meaningful volunteer opportunities in the Northeast Ohio Community.

Group Volunteerism

Community Partners creates ways for Club members to have volunteer experiences together. Past projects have ranged from strategic planning for non-profits to packing bags of groceries at the Cleveland Food Bank. Club members interested in learning more about how to volunteer should e-mail Neil McCarthy at NMcCarthy@ashtabularubber.com.

Jones Award Application

The William M. Jones/HBS Club Excellence in School Management Awards are established to honor and promote schools that demonstrate leadership and management excellence and have a clear, measurable improvement in the quality of education. The awards recognize schools that focus on children and student outcomes.

The Harvard Business School Club of Northeastern Ohio is dedicated to leadership and management excellence in both private and public organizations. The Club honors outstanding leadership and management in northeast Ohio businesses each year through its "Dively Entrepreneurship" and "Business Statesman" Awards. In addition, the Club presents "The Samuel H. Elliot" Award each year to an outstanding area teacher of economic education. The Club also recognizes the importance of the preparatory education system to the community and public and private organizations. Well managed elementary, middle and high schools will produce contributing and educated people that organizations require to progress, succeed and excel.

Young people deserve a sound education that prepares them to function fully and intelligently within the community. Leadership and management practices within schools heavily influence the quality of this education. These awards acknowledge successful schools and promote continuous improvement in the quality of education.